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Our Team

Henry Luk: Studio President

Born into Hong Kong's film family, Henry Luk grew up in the middle of Hong Kong's busy film industry. His father Luk Bong was the Director of many Cantonese feature films in the 1960's and 1970' in Hong Kong. Henry Luk wrote and directed his first feature film in 1987 in New York City, Green Jacket.


Upon graduation from high school, Mr. Luk left Hong Kong for New York, where he attained an MBA from Columbia University. Following this, he worked on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager for 20 years, successfully trading for clients ranging from AIG, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to the State of Virginia Pension Fund. Upon leaving Wall Street after 21 years, Mr. Luk developed one of the world’s first internet based travel companies, offering online flight purchasing to the public. In 2001, Mr. Luk left the travel industry to pave the way in global outsourcing technology services from China. In 2007, he decided the time had come to pursue the lifelong ambition of making movies. For this reason, he opened ACE Studios in Nanhai, Foshan, China.


Kingwing Chung - Deputy Studio Head

Areas of Specialization

  • Equipment resourcing
  • Managing and maintaining local contacts
  • Overseeing of camera and lighting development
  • Location management


Kingwing has worked in the entertainment industry for 7 years, and responsibilities are in managing the more technical behind the scenes operations at ACE. As ACE’s deputy studio head, his expertise is in networking with local film and location contacts, sourcing hard-to-find elements for the camera, lighting, and grip departments, as well as managing location based shoots. Kingwing provides customized service through all aspects of studio management; researching and location specialty equipment, scouting locations, and dealing with local contacts to ensure smooth execution of locations shoots. Kingwing has a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from Shanghai Normal University of China. He currently lives in Guangzhou, China.


Fred Sun - 1st AD

Areas of Specialization

  • Management of film sets
  • Evaluation and breakdowns of scripts
  • Planning of production shooting schedules
  • Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation


Fred is responsible for smooth and efficient film sets at ACE. As the staff first assistant director, his has expertise in all aspects of preproduction and production. Fred provides the key to a successful shoot in being able to coordinate all departments into a cohesive unit. Fred’s experience and natural aptitude for organizing allows him to see that every shoot stays on schedule and achieves all shots necessary to generate a complete quality finished products. Fred has a Bachelors Degree in Film and Television the Northwest Normal University of China. He now resides in Nanhai, China.


Michael Dinetz - Special Make-up Artist

Areas of Specialization

  • Prosthetic Make-up Design and Execution
  • Fabrication of special production elements
  • Lifecasting, Mold making, Sculping, Specialty painting
  • Custom material formulation


Michael has worked in the film industry for over 7 years and has spent a decade focused on special make-up effects work – currently overseeing ACE’s make-up department. His skill set for special make-up effects, ranges from small elements such as a cut or bruise, to mid size elements such as a multiple piece prosthetic make-up or false body part to large elements such as a creature suit or full fake body.


Michael also provides ACE with expertise in custom formulas and material composition as well as a keen eye for realism created through artificial means to provide ideal and innovative solutions to any make-up or effect a script requires.


Michael has a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, as well as certificates in make-up artistry, specialty make-up effects, and airbrushing from Hollywood’s Joe Blasco Make-up Center. Being bi-continental, Michael spends his time between Los Angeles and Nanhai, China.


Carey Rothman - Production Designer

Areas of Specialization

  • Set Design and Conceptualization
  • Design for CGI Post Production Elements
  • Design and Manufacture of Specialty Props
  • Artist (painter and illustrator)


Carey has worked in the entertainment industry over 20 years, and has designed for film, television, theater, music video, commercials, restaurants, nightclubs, public displays, and residential installments. Carey’s diverse design skill set and attention to detail has allowed him to work in production studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Miami, London, and Cebu. Currently, as ACE’s in house production designer, he has expertise in all aspects of designing a film ranging from early stage concept design to finalized set design and construction to post production design for the insertion of custom CGI elements. Carey provides customized design services through a multitude of media ranging form thumbnail concepts work to oil painting to architectural drafting to computer generated designs.


Trained in directing, designing, acting, and writing, Carey holds a Bachelors degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts as well as having studied at New York’s prestigious Pratt Institute of Design. He is now lives in Nanhai, China.


Antony Szeto - Executive Producer

Areas of Specialization

  • Directing
  • Stunt Coordination
  • Script Writing
  • Martial Arts


Antony has worked in the entertainment industry over 25 years, and is skillful in stunts and martial arts, as well as the creative aspects of directing and screen writing. Antony directed Hong Kong’s very first 3D animated feature film: Dragonblade. In addition, Antony’s directorial skills earned him the director role on Wushu, a children focused martial arts film featuring Sammo Hung and produced by Jackie Chan. As ACE’s executive producer, Antony’s years of experience in film provides expert guidance on ACE’s projects, especially those of a martial arts and action theme. Antony’s keen eye provides ACE with a unique insight into how to best generate quality production elements.


Antony holds a Bachelors Degree in film production from Australia’s Bond University. He now spends his time between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.